We want to extend our most heartfelt thanks for all you contributed to make the renovation at Christ Church a success. Then end product is absolutely magnificent. Our parishioners are very pleased with the change and how it will enhance their worship experience … We hope we will have other opportunities to engage R.E. Lee & Son, Inc. in future projects.

Paul Walker / Mike Sadler
Rector / Senior Warden
Christ Episcopal Church

R. E. Lee & Son provides a full range of construction services from project conception to final completion through warranty. A large majority of our projects are done in partnership with the owner and architect where R. E. Lee & Son is selected as the construction partner on their project team. We perform General Contracting on a negotiated or competitive bid basis offering Stipulated Sum or Cost Plus Fee contracts. We provide Construction Management either at risk or as the owner’s agent. We offer Design-Build as a single source responsibility for both design and construction. Our experience with Pre-Construction Servicesis extensive including budget development and professional estimates, project planning and scheduling, constructability analysis, document review and Value Management.

General Contracting

Owners and Design Professionals understand the value of the service they obtain from a General Contractor and understand that a good working relationship with the General Contractor is crucial to the success of a project. The construction of a building is a complex operation. Coordinating and managing thousands of individual events takes teamwork among everyone involved in the project. That teamwork ensures all of the individual events occur as planned.

The partnership of Owners, Contractors and Architects working together yield the best results. We believe you should consider including the General Contractor early in your building projects and make your selection based on the quality and experience that R. E. Lee & Son will bring to your team. Honesty and communication are keys to the partnership we will develop with you. We invite you to see how we earned our reputation for impeccable integrity and excellence in service. We bring value added services to every project.


Construction Management

In today’s market fewer and fewer private owners and institutions are putting their work out for open bid. Increasingly, sophisticated Owners understand the value of the service they obtain from a Construction Manager. R. E. Lee & Son can provide Construction Management either “At Risk” or “Agency” basis. As the Construction Manager we provide competitive pricing for all trades and manage the process from initial conception through final occupancy.



When R. E. Lee & Son performs a design / build contract, a number of cost and time savings are obtained. We have in-house CAD operators and CPM scheduling. We provide construction planning, scheduling, interface with building code officials and other services. The heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical work can also be handled as a design / build contract. Through careful design management, we can begin elements of the project before the design is complete. We work closely with design professionals and vendors to define the specifications in a way that will meet the Owner’s budget and provide the quality and durability required for the project. R. E. Lee & Son establishes controls to ensure the budget is maintained throughout the design process. With the project properly managed, the owner will receive the project within the desired scope, cost and time parameters.


Pre-construction Services

R. E. Lee & Son Provides a wide range of Pre-Construction Services.

  • Identifying and developing project needs.
    • How to control cost of Architectural and Engineering Services?
    • Is Design / Build the right choice for this project?
    • Does this project require a Fast Track design and construction schedule?
    • What is the correct management approach for the project?
    • Do any specialty contractors need to be selected up front?
  • Early design development cost and construction feasibility study.
    • Evaluate type of building structure, foundation system, mechanical systems, etc. so that design proceeds using the most cost effective construction techniques applicable to the project.
    • Help with selection of specific construction materials based on cost / benefit analysis.
    • Determine Owner’s economic budget constraints.
    • Provide conceptual constrution cost budget for use in planning and overall project budget analysis.
  • Pre-Construction budget development.
    • Initial step to start identifying and controlling project cost.
  • Pre-Construction schedule development.
    • Identify schedule impact on project cost.
    • Identify optimum schedule / cost start based on completion requirements and cost efficiency.
  • Construction analysis.
    • Further develop constructability and cost efficiency analysis to make sure project is meeting your needs.
    • Identify portions of work where subcontractors or suppliers need to be pre-qualified.
    • Finalize the R. E. Lee & Son project team that best suits the needs of the project.
    • Identify project phasing requirements so design can be properly coordinated.
  • Construction document development and review.
    • Identify possible impacts on cost or schedule as design is developed.
    • Help in preparing clear construction documents.
  • Guaranteed Construction Estimates.
    • Take competitive bids for subcontractor trades and material buyouts.
    • Prepare guaranteed cost estimates.
    • Establish final construction time requirements.