Westminster Canterbury Cottage Replacement

R. E. Lee & Son, Inc. was the contractor for the construction of five, new, one-story, wood-framed, slab-on-grade duplex residences (10 living units) to replace five existing buildings. Overall schedule for sitework and building construction is 350 calendar days, but occupancy of duplexes is phased with first unit being completed in approximately 8 months and subsequent units at one month intervals thereafter.

Project Highlights

Project Team

Owner: Westminster Canterbury of the Blue Ridge
Architect: SFCS, Inc.
Contractor: R. E. Lee & Son, Inc. / Rick Jones/Jeff Testerman

Project Delivery System

Design / Bid / Build. Stipulated Sum Contract.

Construction Schedule

350 Calendar days. Phased occupancy.

Construction Type

Concrete slab on grade, wood framing with brick veneer, wood roof trusses with shingle roof.