Cherry Hill / Albemarle County, VA

This estate home was complete renovated by R. E. Lee & Son in 1996. The existing residence and new additions total 25,000 square feet of living space. The renovations were designed and acclaimed by John Milner, whose use of reclaimed materials such as hand hewn beams, plank floors, castle doors, Moravian locks and clay tiles add to the beauty and warmth of this home. Specialized construction techniques were used for the plaster molding and plaster barrel vault ceilings.

Project Highlights

Project Team

Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Fife
Architect: John Milner
Contractor: R. E. Lee & Son, Inc. / Jay Kessler/Cliff Shifflett

Project Delivery System

Negotiated. Cost plus fee.

Construction Schedule

Completed in 12 months.

Construction Type

Wood frame and brick.